Tuesday, 7 July 2015


I fail to understand why so many people are so angry at my wife's death. I'm not sure even capable of feeling anger since I've become born again. Paul tells us to rid ourselves of anger when he wrote to the early Colossi Christians. My point is it's not foreign theologically for born again believers to feel anger. I just don't. And I wonder why I don't. But then what is there to be angry about?

I see all these news reports of Christians being beheaded in the middle east and I think, why am I not angry? Because I look on the eternal perspective. These executions from a worldly perspective are horrific, loved ones lives are being prematurely ended at the hands of sinful false religion.

But from an eternal perspective it's the opposite. These martyrs that are persecuted for proclaiming Christ are attending a  graduation ceremony. They are ascending to heaven to be with the Father in eternal glory. From the eternal perspective our compassion should be just as much for the executioners as the families that they are destroying. Their souls will suffer the consequences of living a life with hatred for Christ. It is them we should concentrate our prayers on. They are the lost sheep that have been given false hope in their murderous sinful lives.

And it is no different for their atheists.

I remember being angry at Christianity. I remember believing that these crazy delusional idiots were really offensive in their stance on death. Believing that people don't die, that they aren't really gone when they really are. That their lives, their influence, their memories, their potential to love everything they are ends at the point when their heart stops. I remember the despair and helpless futility of death even at the age of 12. But in Christ the exact opposite is true. There is hope in death because Jesus Christ has overwhelmingly secured victory over it.

My wife attended her graduation ceremony in March.

I was there with all her siblings. I felt despair. I felt loss. I felt guilt.

But I certainly didn't feel anger.

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