Tuesday, 2 June 2015


I realise how ecumenical I am with my approach to theology. I wonder what I really believe about repentance, and our own judgment. Jesus talks quite clearly in Matthew 7 about how we should "Judge not, that ye be not judged." It seems odd that He would be so liberal with judgement on the sermon on the mount when He later goes on to clarify that it is only by His righteousness that we can pass with perfection at the final judgement. Being judged by my own standards would be so easy. Of course Jesus is merely telling us to not be hypocritical. Self discernment is clearly more important than discernment of others. The problem is that we are all separated by this world by the very nature that we are here. Nobody is without the separation of sin, so is any discernment at all of anything outside of yourself hypocritical?

I still maintain that it is possible to determine the nature of someone's soul just by looking into their eyes. You can see past the thin facade of social interaction and see the battleground of the spiritual war going on inside them. You can see all the pain and the suffering they're all going through, desperately trying to feel needed, feel wanted, and not to be alone. Even in the people that are clothed most brightly in the righteousness of Christ it's still there. The demons may be subdued but you can still hear them whispering with their Psiren sweet voices of despair and emptiness. Willing us all to give up, to think you're not worth it, that it's all so entirely pointless. Don't speak up. Just be quiet. It doesn't matter really.

Repentance, whatever it's nature, be it reunification of our relationship with Christ, or merely a reminder of that relationship through a changed nature, it's still calling on God for that reinforcement. I despair most of all for the souls that simply don't know that the battle is going on. The souls that are so overwhelmed with those demons, and the deception is so strong that they aren't even aware of the war is going on. A soul that is so manipulated that it believes that the love shown by the Holy Spirit is in fact hatred. And while I also maintain that a soul's spiritual journey to being born again is far more complicated than simple evangelism I find it hard to understand why a believer wouldn't have a heart for the lost.

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