Saturday, 9 May 2015


Yesterday I had the privilege and honour of being able to pray with a recently widowed wife at her husband's funeral. I don't think I've ever prayed like that with someone I've never met before. It really is a milestone in my spiritual growth, and I can't believe how easy and natural it was for me. I've always felt intimidated and daunted by the prospect. It was with bitter sweet joy I realised how much my wife would have been so incredibly proud of me for being able to and being motivated to do that as we shared mutual condolences with each other.

Today I had to attend a medical exam as part of my application for a visa here in the US. I was so nervous about it. I prayed and pleaded so desperately with God for His blessing in this matter. My cries of anguish on the way there were heard, and replaced with tears of joy on the way back. He provides so abundantly. It literally could not have gone any better. All my prayers were answered in full, with an outpouring of blessing on me. As I was in absolute awe and bewilderment at the outstanding beauty of the mountains I saw before me through those tears I could not help but thank Him for His gift of life. For every breath we take is a gift. Every morning we wake up it is by His will. I thanked Him I get to wake up every morning, that I get to go to church, that I get to pray to Him, that I get to praise His name, that I get to live in this beautiful glorious creation of His. That I get to have such amazing relationships, that I get to trust Him, and I get to live in His love. We don't get this forever. None of us do. We should be grateful for every single breath we take, because each one could be our last. I thought how fitting that really was given the way my wife passed away, hooked up to a ventilator fighting for breath. The number of times we breathe is limited. Every single one of them can be a blessing if we choose to see it that way.

I thank God for every single one of them.

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