Sunday, 14 September 2014

The Zombie Apocalypse

The zombie apocalypse is upon us. The hordes of the walking dead are everywhere. It really is the end of the world. The contagion is universal, everybody is infected. There is no escaping it. Everybody is born infected. Most zombies don’t even know they’re infected. Some think they can fight off its lethal effects though a hygiene regiment. But their efforts are futile. What’s worse is that the armed forces are preparing for a nuclear strike to wipe out the plague of the undead. It will be judgement day. When the nuclear fire-storm starts however the zombies will not be vaporised. Because they are undead they will writhe and suffer as they burn for all eternity. Again some of the zombies think they can protect themselves from the nuclear strike with their makeshift protection measures. They think if they build a big enough umbrella they will be protected.

However nowhere on earth is safe, no prisons, no farms and no townships.  

But there is hope.

There is a book.

The book tells us how to join the army. It shows us all directions to our own special tank. In the tank there is a cure for the plague. A tank that will keep us safe, and will guide us safely to the security of a nuclear bunker. A safe haven where we will be happy and secure forever. There is on board a radio where we can call in support from our mission commander. In our tanks we stand on the front line on the war against this plague. But our mission isn't one of eradication, it is one of peace. The arsenal of our tanks is love.

That book is the Bible. It shows us how the whole world is infected with the plague of sin. Sin makes us like zombies because it controls us and makes us think that empty pursuits like drugs, alcohol, money or meaningless sex are the way to seek happiness. There is no escaping it and nothing we can do on our own can make us safe from our mission commander - God and His final judgement. We all fall short of the perfection that God requires of us. If we are infected with sin on the day of judgement or when we die it will be permanent. We will suffer for all eternity in hell.

The Bible however, tells us the cure. It tells us that God sent us his only Son, Jesus Christ to save us all from hell and to cure us from sin. By dying on the cross and raising from the dead he washed away all sin with his blood. All we need to do to accept the cure is to repent from sin and turn to and have faith in Him. He wants us to have a relationship with Him so we can be together with Him in heaven, in joy and peace forever. Praying to God is like calling our mission commander on the radio. Before we accept Christ we are spiritually dead. When we accept Christ we allow the Holy Spirit to become alive inside us. We are born again with the Holy Spirit. The Bible tells us that when we have accepted Christ we can put on the full armour of Christ. A living spiritual armour that is like a tank against evil. Nothing can get in if we don’t take it off. The devil is armed with the equivalent of sticks and stones, almost powerless compared to God. He can still taunt, he can still attack, but if we live within in this impenetrable tank then we cannot be hurt by him. Of course if we don’t have or live within our own tank we are easily hurt by the sticks and stones of the devil even if we are still cured from the separation of sin.

If you don’t know Christ your fate is certain. Denying hell is like denying the threat of an imminent nuclear strike. It is a real threat and it is a fate much, much worse than death. There is absolutely nothing we can do as individuals on our own to protect ourselves from that sort of threat. No good deeds, no charitable works, no kindness.

It is absolute.

Repent from sin, turn to Christ, and you too can have your security with joy and peace forever in Heaven with Him.

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