Saturday, 12 April 2014

Am I crazy?

There's a lot of things said about Christians in general, they're self righteous, judgmental, and most of all delusional. Some of them go on about crazy ideas like the Universe is 6,000 years old or that a giant boat filled with a handful of animals somehow survived a catastrophic flood that wiped out all other life on earth. They believe in a magical invisible sky daddy that they can talk to but who doesn't talk back, but who somehow makes things happens according to their wishful thinking. They go on about this thing they've made up called 'sin' that means that they get to judge and condemn people for doing things that they should have a right to do, like get married to whomever they want or to take perfectly reasonable pleasure that any normal evolved human animal should be able to. And they base it all on some book that was made up thousands of years ago and translated and changed by so many biased people that it could be made to say anything. They claim to be following some guy that may or may not have lived thousands of years ago whose details are a bit sketchy but he seemed like a good guy that told people they should get along. If only Christians actually followed his example and didn't constantly start arguments and wars and crusades over their twisted ideas. They're all uneducated, illiterate and ignorant of scientific facts like evolution and the Big Bang and they simply follow their corrupt leaders in blind obedience to this book.
So am I crazy? Or ignorant? Or illiterate?
Maybe these popular ideas about Christianity are just plain wrong. Maybe the reality we live in can’t just be taken at simple face value like atheism suggests. Maybe the Bible isn't the corrupt work it’s alleged to be and maybe, just maybe Jesus really was the Son of God and died on the cross for our sins.
Christianity in my experience isn't about what my behaviour is like, or judging or condemning people. It isn't even really about helping others out, although that is a symptom of it. It’s about aligning yourself with the nature of reality. It is building a relationship much like a marriage with the designer and the omnipresent creator of the universe. Which itself is an entirely abstract concept, because we are so very very small and the universe is so very very big. I used to think that Christians in their delusions were trying to anthropomorphise the universe, while in reality, it was the creator of the universe that was deifying us. And in terms that we can't really understand we have been made in the image of our creator. We read in the Bible of this angry, wrathful, graceful, merciful and loving God. We ask for God's hand in events, when He is omniscient, and omnipotent which means that every time we think of God as reacting to anything, whether it be healing of the sick or blessing us, it isn't really a reaction. Indeed, the whole limitation of cause and effect is not a limitation for God. So in terms we can understand God is constantly loving, wrathful, merciful and forgiving. He knew the state of our hearts before we had them, and therefore there is no shock or reaction, indeed the cause and effect are ours and ours alone. When we talk about Heaven and Hell being for eternity, I don’t think it means literally that time would go on forever, I think this is really the absence of the limitations of cause and effect. That they, like God exist outside of what we think of as time. Of course we can’t really understand that.
So it begs the question. Why? Why do we exist? Maybe somehow we are part of some sort of soul factory, where God creates all these souls and only the faithful ones get to be with Him. But if that is the case, why bother creating the rejects? Why would God possibly want us to have that relationship with Him? Omnipotence means just that, if God is in the business of creating faithful souls why bother with the whole business of this reality and just create those souls spontaneously? Maybe the nature of Heaven requires this existence and God has willed it this way because of that prerequisite. Who knows? The point is that we can’t possibly understand God or Heaven or Hell or any of it while we exist here.
That’s where Jesus Christ comes in. Christ is like our interface to God. He helps us to understand the nature of God, just like a keyboard and monitor are our interface with a computer. He was born as a human, He lived as a human, He ate, He slept, He felt love, joy, temptation, and pain. He was perfect in that He was sinless, because He was not separated from God, except at the moment of His death. Jesus Christ shares in our joys, shares in a sorrows and is always with us.  We become spiritually alive when we accept Him in our hearts and the Bible teaches us about God’s will. So we can in a sense understand the nature of the universe through Christ, even if it is beyond our comprehension.
So am I crazy? I don’t think so. Even if it does reject a large proportion of widely accepted modern theoretical science. I don’t think it’s any more crazy than believing in abiogenesis, that is to say that life occurred spontaneously through random chance, or the belief that the universe occurred spontaneously from a singularity in a Big Bang.

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