Friday, 20 December 2013

Duck Dynasty Shock!

I’ve seen all these Facebook updates over the last few days for this Duck Dynasty show and what Phil said about his beliefs. I know nothing about the show or the characters in it so I feel I can make an informed opinion on the subject. I think that most people are really missing the point. This Phil character specifically condemns beastality as a sin. That’s just wrong and flies in the face of what real Christians believe. Zoosexuals (yes it is a term according to Wikipedia) have been fighting for years to gain acceptance for their sexuality. It’s not their fault they were born that way! The Freaks, Furries, and Weirdos alliance (furries are a real thing) gain no media attention at all and that speaks volumes on how much prejudice and hatred there is for zoosexuals and zoosexual rights. This sort of hate speech much stop. Jesus never said anything that specifically condemned beastiality therefore it must be okay. After all we’re just animals that evolved from primates, or maybe a primate and a pig, and most of Genesis is just make believe so why can’t we have sex with animals? I’m glad there have been a few cases in America recently where zoosexual marriage has taken place, but this doesn't go far enough. It’s shocking and wrong that this is how most Christians are perceived. It damages our reputation and doesn't show off the blind love that Jesus has for us. I hope this offends all of you because this change really needs to be made. Stop the hate!

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