Tuesday, 3 September 2013


I wake up in the morning when my robot servant wakes me. Another robot makes my coffee for me and another robot warms the house and heats the water for me. A robot prepares my clothes while I get ready, a robot helps me to clean my teeth. I get dressed and get ready to go to out. A robot follows my orders and it takes me to where I want to go, while it keeps watch ready to take over in case of an emergency, and another robot helps me navigate. I get to the gym, and a robot security guard lets me in. When I get to work another robot security guard lets me into the office, a robot makes my coffee and I sit at my desk. A robot gives me instructions on work to do that day and I spend the morning doing as I'm told. At lunch I go down to the canteen, I buy my lunch from a robot seller, and another robot heats my food for me. After work I realise I need fuel, food and money for tomorrow. I go to the garage, and I pay a robot attendant. Then I go to the shop and buy food from a robot made by robots to take home. I go to the bank and a robot gives me some of the money that I've earned. When I get home another robot warms my food for me and I sit back while another robot entertains me and plays games with me. I go to bed and a robot servant keeps me cool as I sleep.

If we define a robot as a machine with a human interface that does the work that a human being once did, we are surrounded by robots. The more we become reliant on them the less we need to interact with human beings, and the more we undermine our humanity. It may be easier and cheaper to have a machine replace a human being, but it isolates us from each other. It is a dangerous road to go down because it means that one day these substitutions can no longer be replaced by people. God put us here so that we could interact with each other, I am guilty of ignoring that as much as anyone, so it is clearly something we should all be vigilant of.

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