Thursday, 6 June 2013


My pastor tweeted the other day that he cannot imagine what a parent goes through when they lose a child. Speaking from experience there is no greater grief than the suffering of losing your own child. I have in the past been both resentful and grateful that I never got to meet my child. God gave us children to raise them. To nurture them, to love them, to pass on our knowledge and experience and ideals to another generation. The parent’s suffering and loss and grief and pain and anger is the same, no matter what age the child is, be it 2 months old, or 50 years old, or even still in the womb. The life that is lost to us is still the same. The experience of the joys and pleasures of this wonderful world that God created for us is tragically cut short for that person. All the hopes and dreams that you pass on to your child’s future are severed. There will be no future for them, not in this world at least.

How easy it is to blame God for such loss. How could a loving God do this to us as parents? Lest we forget that God has suffered that loss Himself. He knew before even His Son was even born that He was destined to be slaughtered for our sin. And how much greater is God’s love for His Son than our love for our children. If God’s love is universal, and His wraith wipes out every living person on this planet bar one family, how much greater is God’s grief for the death of His Son? How hard was it for Him to hear the words, “Eli Eli lama sabachthani”? I doubt that any of us as potential parents would be willing to go ahead with a conception if we knew that our innocent child would eventually become a sacrifice for the sake of other people's crimes. But God knew this and He still went ahead and let it happen! How great His love is for us!

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