Friday, 29 March 2013

Good Friday

Good Friday may be just a day off work for some, and given the overwhelming display of alcoholic commercialism I saw in Tesco yesterday, for some it is yet another excuse to get blind drunk. But for Christians it is a day to celebrate. Today we celebrate the day that the Roman Government at the time carried out it's death penalty on Jesus Christ for the crime of blasphemy. He after all claimed to be the Son of God, our prophesied Messiah. The fact is that if his claims were true, he could easily have stopped them carrying out the sentence. He could have used his power to make the cross disappear. He could have used his power to overthrow the Romans and lead the Jewish people to victory. But he didn't. He chose the cross. He chose to carry it. He chose to accept the punishment for the crimes that we're all guilty of because he loved us all. He showed us what true love is, even if almost everyone around him hated him. And despite that demonstration of love, and sacrifice, we still live in a world where most people hate him for what he did and deny his truth. They claim his Father isn't real, and ironically that his views on marriage are hateful. Yet even as Christians we are as guilty as the crowds that watched him slowly suffocate from exhaustion. That is why he chose it. That is why he accepted the punishment for our crimes. For all of us.

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