Thursday, 13 December 2012


Chocolate gifts in calendars. Indoor pine trees decorated with tinsel and ornaments and colourful lights. Santa in his jolly red suit, riding on his sleigh with bells ringing and flying reindeer, one with a red nose, and a sack full of toys made by his helper elves at the north pole. Mince pies and sherry left out next to the fireplace so he can come down the chimney and fill the stockings and leave gifts wrapped up with brightly coloured paper under the tree for all the good boys and girls, and lumps of coal for the bad ones. Shower gel, socks, Official Red Ryder Carbine Action Two Hundred Shot Range Model Air Rifles and oversized jumpers. Kisses under the mistletoe. Holly reefs hanging on the door. Flying snowmen. Turkey roast with parsnips, Brussels sprouts, and plenty of wine. Fruit pudding with brandy sauce. Doctor Who Specials and the Queen's speech.

None of these things are in the Bible. None of these things are about Christmas, despite some being named after it. Christmas is about the birth of Christ. And while we are free to enjoy most of these things as followers of Christ we must not forget the true meaning of Christmas.

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