Monday, 1 October 2012


One of my work colleagues got married last Saturday. I don't often talk about marriage, but I think maybe it's time that I should, especially in the light of the government's actions to try and change what marriage is. Marriage by far the most glorious gift that God gives us in this life. It stems from the original marriage, between Adam and Eve. Eve was created from Adam, and thus she is part of him. For them to be complete they were given this Holy Union. They were given Holy titles: "Husband" and "Wife". These are sacred terms that should be respected as such. The Holy Union they were given was a commitment for life. That commitment gives it almighty strength, it means that they will be together, no matter what, for the rest of their natural lives. With that commitment together they have security, comfort, trust, understanding, respect, support, and utmost love. Indeed, the love felt within a marriage shows us the love that God feels for us. It may pale in comparison to His love but it is still overwhelmingly glorious in the dark sinful world that we live in. Marriage works because men and women have different strengths. Men are better at toiling away from the home, and bringing home supplies. Women are better suited as the matron, nurturing the children and maintaining the household. Together, they raise strong and healthy children for another generation. The marriage is itself a symbiotic relationship of those two character strengths creating a union that is much stronger than the sum of both parts. When a man and a woman are married they were no longer the son or daughter, they are the head a of a new household and a new family. Two men living together, or two women living together won't work in the same way. They can't naturally reproduce, and if it weren't for the abundance of organisation in modern civilization they wouldn't be able to adopt. But what makes it less like a marriage is that two men or two women don't have the complimentary diversity in character strengths that a man and a woman naturally have. Polygamous relationships, typically where there is one man and many women, don't work in the same way because there is not that same ratio of character strengths that there one in a monogamous relationship. A "common law marriage" won't work in the same way either because that is just being boyfriend and girlfriend, which only has a vague promise of commitment until someone else better comes along. Even a couple that is engaged doesn't have that relationship because they have not yet made their sacred vows to commit to live together for the rest of their natural lives. Marriage is a wonderful, amazing blessing that should be protected. A wife is God's most precious gift that a man can have in this world while he is living in it; just as a wife's most precious gift from God is a loving husband, because together they are one.

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